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Top Fixers knows that electrical chores can quickly pile up on your to-do list. Hence we bring you the best electrician services in Dubai! Our team can do everything from changing or installing a light bulb, LED TV mounting, water pump repair, and even water tank automatic switch installation.

If you require electrician services but feel like searching for “electrician services near me” is a bit overkill, you can always rely on our team. We deliver you the best solution and a range of electric maintenance and repair solutions.

Our professionals have years of experience to provide you with the best electrician services in Dubai. You would not have to search for other electrician services online with Top Fixers, as 100% customer satisfaction is our priority.

Moreover, we make the whole process as seamless as feasible, leaving a big smile on the face of our customers.

Whether you want to install a ceiling fan, repair damaged light switches, or restore your light fixtures to glowing beauty, and we are there for every job.

Our Professional Electrician Services

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

Not only do the fans add a beautiful aesthetic touch to your rooms, but they provide air circulation, which is very important on scorching hot days of summer.

Top Fixers provides you with the fastest and most efficient ceiling fan installation service so that your fan is running in just no time. Our team takes extra precautionary measures to ensure that the ceiling fan is installed correctly for the optimal environment.

Furthermore, installing fans on your own can be a hazardous business. Hence it would be best if you left it on our team by giving us a call.

LED TV / LCD Mounting Services

Top Fixers has long years of experience installing or mounting LED TVs at home. We ensure you a clean installation with the highest quality of materials.

Our team work hard at their job, and they care about making our customers happy hence your satisfaction is a top priority for us.

Top Fixers came with a guarantee to handle your TV safely and installed correctly to enjoy all your favourite content.

If you want the best-LED TV/LCD Mounting Services in town, you should call us. You will not only benefit from our exceptional services but also our excellent prices too.

UPS installation and Repairing Services

Having a UPS is undoubtedly a necessity in our country, and we don’t want you to suffer during load shedding. Our professional UPS installation and repair services provide ease and a seamless experience.

You can rely on our team, who will be at your doorstep in no time and install or repair your UPS to make it up and run.

Installing a UPS can go wrong in so many ways. Hence it would be best to trust a professional with extensive experience to provide you with a stress-free UPS installation job.

Water Pump Repairing Services

Top Fixers offers you efficient water pump repairing services that save a lot of your time of the day, but you get to experience some fantastic rates. Our excellent services have earned some great reviews, and you will be giving us a great review.

So, if you are looking for an electrician who understands what he is doing while fixing your water pump, you should not hesitate to give us a call for a quick job.

Water Tank Automatic Switch Installation

We offer water tank automatic switch installation services at the best affordable rates. We understand it can be a hassle to find a suitable professional who would morally do the job. Hence we provide you with our team who does a neat job.

You can always give us a call for all your electrical services jobs, and we will do it in no time. We value our customers and their feedback, and hence our team do the jobs the way our customers recommend most efficiently.

Ask us and we will be happy to help